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Live pictures from international horse races are usually provided by private companies and are available via TV and internet against payment. Some pictures are free, others can be watched by opening an account with a bookmaker, sometimes it can depend on the location (IP address).

   Live streams from United Kingdom and Ireland

Live pictures from British and Irish horse races can be received against payment from several channels. Alternatively, livestreams for most British horse- and greyhound races can be watched via this Link for free (choose between Stream 1 and 2). Depending on your county, you can also get free pictures when register at Betbird or Racebets. Many British races and the big festivals are broadcasted for free by ITV. It is possible to watch this races on the internet, for example via FilmonTV. An overview of the racing dates can be found at ITV Racing.

   Live streams from France

Customers of Zeturf can receive livestreams from all French horse races for free. Vou can get live pictures and replays from many other countries there too.
Live pictures from thoroughbred and trotting races in France are also available over this Link.
Free Live pictures from the trotting races at Paris-Vincennes (and other selected racetracks) are offered by LeTrot. It can take a short while until the stream starts. All Replays off all French trotting races are also provided by LeTrot.

   Live streams from the USA

Most bookmakers are offering livestreams from the races in the United States and Canada. Also many US racetracks are providing live coverage of their races on their websites.

   Live streams from Australia

Live pictures for the races in Australia (gallop, trot, greyhounds) are provided by Sky Racing. It is possible to register with Sky Racing and pay for their pictures. It is cheaper to register at RaceBets and get the live pictures for free (from some countries you will need a German IP...). You can also use this Link (top menu item 'Racing channel'). If it does not work or you hear the wrong commentary after changing the channel, refresh the website. Live pictures from some Australian greyhound racetracks are shown at Watchdog (click on Stream).

      Live streams from Scandinavia

Live pictures from Swedish horse races are provided for free by ATG, the comment is in Swedish though. You can also get the livestreams from ATG (aswell as Norway (Rikstoto) and Denmark (Dantoto)) without interruptions and with English commentary via this Link. Livestreams and replays from Denmark are offered for free, but only after registration, by Fasttrackracing. The replays from Sweden are provieded by ATG.
»Find more information about Swedish trotting races.

   Live streams from the United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Free pictures of the UAE (Dubai) races can be viewed over the Dubai Racing Channel (1 and 2). If this will not work from your country, try this Link, this Link or this Link. Alternatively the same pictures are available by registering at Betbird or RaceBets.

   Live streams from South Africa

The races from South Africa are broadcasted by Telly Track International. Their pictures are available for free via Betbird or RaceBets. They are also often shown by Equidia before the races in France start.

SGP SGP SGP   Live streams Singapore / Malaysia / Macao

Pictures from the horse races in Macao, Malaysia and Singapore are transmitted live and for free by the Macao Jockey Club.

   Live streams from India

India is very well equipped with horse racing live streams. Every day races are run on the major race tracks of the country and most of them can be watched for free via the websites of the operators.
This are the links to the websites:
Mysore, Mumbai, Chennai // Bangalore, Calcutta, Hyderabad (with registration)
Comprehensive information, racecards and results from the horse races in India can be found at One of the very few bookmaker offering online betting on the Indian races is

   Live streams from Germany

During the time of the coronavirus outbreak a free livestream of all German thoroughbred races is provided by Deutscher Galopp (at the bottom of the website).
Live pictures from Germany (gallop and trot) can be seen via almost all German bookmakers. To see them a small bet has to be placed once per day. Livestreams of the German PMU-races are available for free at Zeturf.

   Live streams from Italy

Races from Italy (gallop and trot) can be seen live via Betbird, a small bet has to be placed on the day. Replays from all Italian races are available at Snai. Earlier Replays can be found there via 'Archivio Corse' (TR=trot, GL=gallop).

   Live streams from Belgium

Free live pictures for the races in Belgium (gallop and trot) are offered by To see the pictures you must register first (Schrijf je in). On this side also replays of the Belgium races are available, but you have to pay for them.
Belgium PMU-races are also on view live and for free at Zeturf

   Live streams from the Netherlands

Live pictures from the trotting races in Wolvega are broadcasted on the Victoria Park website. There are links to the replays of all Wolvega races too.
The Dutch PMU races can also be seen live and for free at Zeturf

   Livestream from Barbados

Horse races from the Garrison Savannah racetrack in Bridgetown are offered as Livestream by the Barbados Turf Club for free.


   Streams from Japan

Unfortunately there is no link to a live stream of Japanese horse racing. Still replays of the major races can be watched at Japanracing by clicking on the video button in the row of the race. The winners of this races are not mentioned before, so it could feel like a live experience.

   Streams from Hongkong

The situation for Hong Kong is similar with the one from Japan, no live streams are available. Replace of all races and without knowing the winner before can be watched via the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

   Streams from the Czech Republic

Live pictures from the racecourse in Pardubice, where the famous Velká Pardubická is run, can be watched via or
Replays of the races in Pardubice are offered by
Replays from the racetrack in Prague (Velká Chuchle) can be found at Dostihyjc/Vysledky. The Prague racecourse is abbreviated 'CH' in the left menu. Below the results is a button 'Video'.

   Streams from Austria offers replays from all Austrian races (gallop and trot). First you need to choose the racing day, then you can select the stream of the race in the column 'Video'.

   Streams from Chile

If you go to 'Carreras' on the website, you can choose the race day via the calendar. At the race day on the right is a column called 'Video ▶' where you will find the replays of the races.


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