Trooting in Schweden

Horse racing in Sweden

SWE    Results and Fixtures

The ATG (Stock corporation Trot and Galop) is Sweden's official horse racing totalisator board. Start lists, results and fixtures are published on their website, also in English.

SWE    Form guide

Detailed information about all races of the participating horses can be found on the website of Svensk Travsport. Go to 'Startlista' and then click on a horse. There you will find all information you need. This website is in Swedish only, but most of it should be understandable. Here you can find the meaning of the used shortcuts (with google translator).

SWE    Analysis

Trootingwire provides short analysis of most Swedish horse races in English! They are usually published several days in advance. To get to the analysis click on the + plus-sign next to the race.

Many other websites are offering tips and analysis of the Scandinavian trotting races. Main focus of these sites are the very popular V75 race days, usually on Saturdays. The websites are in Swedish, but should be understandable when translated with common translation tools.

Trotting in Scandinavia

SWE    Livestreams

A livestream of the Swedish horse races is provided by the ATG with Swedish commentary. You can get the same livestream without interruptions from 'Maharajah'. There you can chose between English and Swedish commentary and get the trotting livestreams from Norway (Rikstoto) and Denmark (Dantoto) too. At 'Maharajah' it is also possible to receive live pictures from smaller racetracks, which are not covered for free by the ATG (dropdown ATG 3 to 12).

SWE    Replays of Swedish horse races

The replays of all Swedish horse races can be found in the archive of the ATG. It is possible to search the archive for single horses, drivers, jockeys, trainers.

Fixed odds on Swedish trotting races

SWE    Statistics

Detailed statistics of the Swedish trotting races and the leaderboards are provided by Svensk Travsport. You can sort the leaderboards by several features (Kusk/Ryttare = Driver, Tränare = Trainer, Häst = Horse, Lopp på bana = After racetrack, Kön = Sex)

SWE    Swedish Racetracks

Links to all 33 Swedish trotting racetracks can be found on Unfortunately the extensive texts to every track are in Swedish, you may be trying an online translator for it. Detailed graphics of all tracks are offered by Svenskatrav.

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