2020 Elitloppet

2020 Elitloppet

May 31, 2020 - Trotting, 1,609 meters, Solvalla, Sweden


Pl. No.

Age Time Driver Trainer Odds

1. 6 Propulsion *
9 1:10,2 Ö. Kihlström D. Redén 4,24

2. 3 Cokstile
7 1:10,4 C. Eriksson R. Spagnulo 4,38

3. 8 Attraversiamo
5 1:10,4 E. Adielsson S. Båth 19,21

4. 5 Sorbet
9 1:10,5 P. Linderoth D. Redén 18,67

5. 7 Milliondollarrhyme
6 1:10,5 F. Larsson F. Larsson 14,40

6. 4 Missle Hill
5 1:10,6 J. Untersteiner D. Redén 17,59

7. 1 Racing Mange
7 1:10,7 J. Lövgren J. Lövgren 8,22

2 Earl Simon
6 disq. F. Ouvrie J. Niskanen 2,77
  * Propulsion subsequently disqualified

  1st Heat

  Pl. No.

Age Time Driver Trainer Odds  
  1. 8 Earl Simon
6 1:09,5 F. Ouvrie J. Niskanen 4,79  
  2. 4 Missle Hill
5 1:09,7 J. Untersteiner D. Redén 6,64  
  3. 2 Sorbet
9 1:09,7 P. Linderoth D. Redén 8,92  
  4. 6 Milliondollarrhyme
6 1:09,7 F. Larsson F. Larsson 11,31  
  5. 7 Looking Superb
7 1:10,2 J. Blekkan F. Hamre 21,21  
  6. 5 Chief Orlando
7 1:10,3 R. Skoglund P. Huusari 17,29  
1 Vivid Wise As
B. Goop B. Goop 8,72  
3 Disco Volante
C.-J. Jepson S. Melander 2,50  

  2nd Heat

  Pl No.

Age Time Driver Trainer Odds  
  1. 5 Cokstile
7 1:09,4 C. Eriksson R. Spagnulo 5,31  
  2. 6 Racing Mange
7 1:09,5 J. Lövgren J. Lövgren 21,76  
  3. 8 Propulsion
9 1:09,7 Ö. Kihlström D. Redén 3,78  
  4. 4 Attraversiamo
5 1:09,8 E. Adielsson S. Båth 9,67  
  5. 7 Makethemark
7 1:10,0 U. Ohlsson P. Salmela 24,04  
  6. 1 Elian Web
8 1:10,4 J. Kontio K. Melkko 3,08  
  7. 2 Billie De Montfort
9 1:10,6 G. Gelormini S. Guarato 16,28  
3 Tae Kwon Deo
A. Kolgjini A. Kolgjini 6,78  

Preview from May 27, 2020

Due to the coronavirus outbreak the Elitloppet will take place without spectators, still top-class international contenders compete in the 'Sprint World Championship of Trotting'. Clear favourites are hard to detect, almost every horse can win the race. So a lot will depend on tactics and starting positions in the three heats of the Elitloppet.

1st Heat :

1 - Vivid Wise As was the first horse to get an invitation to the Elitloppet after he had won the Grand Critérium de Vitesse Nice-Matin over a mile in 1:09,7 ahead of Earl Simon in March. The six-year-old Italian was even clocked 1:08,6 on the same track in August, then won the Prix Marcel Laurent at the winter meeting in Paris. His Sweden debut was not very impressive though, he got disqualified after an unmotivated run in the Meadow Roads Lopp (II), but will show a different attitude in the Elitloppet.

2 - Sorbet started to the season with a personal record (1:09,8) in his debut on March 31, had no luck in the Rommeheatet and Paralympiatravet afterwards. He then showed his potential by winning the Meadow Roads Lopp (II) on May 13. Last year the Daniel Redén charge had failed in the first heat of the Elitloppet, had an unfavourable run from the outside starting position. This time it looks much better with number 2.

3 - Disco Volante started like a rocket into the new season, won six of his seven races and clocked times of 1:10 four times. He had then obviously passed his zenith at the Paralympiatravet on April 25, ended only seventh. He has not run since and will have refuelled his tank.

4 - Missle Hill won several of the big four-year-old races over the sprint distance last year. Back from a six months break nobody could stop him in the Prins Carl Philips Jubileumspokal on Good Friday, where he eased home and still passed the line in 1:10,4. No major surprise that the small son of Muscle Hill also won his second race of the year in Rättvik on May 1, where he faced older horses for the first time.

5 - Chief Orlando got an Elitloppet ticket after he impressively won the Onions Lopp (1,640 m) on April 22. Right at the start of the race he had a massive battle with Evaluate for the lead, clocked 1:06,9 after 500 meters and finally finished in 1:09,8. The seven-year-old son of Orlando Vici already proved his sprinting qualities when were only narrowly beaten in last year's Sweden Cup. On his last test on May 16, he started to gallop right at the start.

6 - Milliondollarrhyme has not been particular successful in his three starts this year, still he belongs to the favourites in the betting market, as he had faced awkward conditions in these races. Starting positon 6 in the first heat is not the very best again, however. Last season he had finished fifth in the final of the Elitloppet and won the Svenskt Mästerskap at the age of only five.

7 - Looking Superb already gained experience in last year's Elitloppet, where he got disqualified in the final. He had won the Prix Ténor de Baune before and came runner-up in the 2019 Prix d'Amérique but lost form afterwards. The Norwegian colt, who had been at the stable of Jean-Michel Bazire the last two years, returned to Scandinavia in April and gave a good performance in the Paralympiatravet. He will now stay in Norway at Frode Hamre.

8 - Earl Simon set a sign right at the end of the French lockdown on May 13, won the Prix des Ducs de Normandie and instantly gained a ticket for the Elitloppet. The Swedish bred colt, who ran only in France so far, had easily beaten horses like Bold Eagle, Cleangame, Enino du Pommereux or Délia du Pommereux in Caen. Considering that Swedish horses were anything else than successful at the last winter meeting in Paris, Earl Simon should have a good chance at the 2020 Elitloppet. Still, it is questionable whether he will manage the tight Swedish racetracks and the outside starting position is not particularly advantageous too.

2nd Heat :

1 - Elian Web got invited to the Elitloppet after he had captured the Paralympiatravet, two weeks before he had already won the Rommeheatet against strong opposition. The Finn, who had beaten Propulsion in January, gained from his early speed in both races and can do so again from the inside position in the second heat.

2 - Billie De Montfort is a highlight of the 2020 Elitloppet. The nine-year-old French filly run 104 races in her career, 86 on group level. She finished third in all three races in Sweden this year, which does not really makes her an Elitloppet favourite. However, it could be a mistake to underestimate her, she was stopped in 1:09,8 in her last run.

3 - Tae Kwon Deo did not only prove his sprinting abilities by winning the Sprintermästaren last year, he also showed that he has no problem with two heats on one day. The five-year-old son of Muscle Hill, who is not really known for fast starts, then won over the sprint distance in the Håkan Lillis Olssons Lopp on May 2 and consequently obtained an Elitloppet ticket. He had easily won this race in Örebro without extending himself, still finished in 1:09,8.

4 - Attraversiamo made an impressive seasonal debut when won the Berth Johanssons Memorial on April 18, then faced older opponents for the first time in the Meadow Roads Lopp (I) and easily beat the strong field in 1:10,4. He clearly gave the impression that there is more to come. The Svante Båth charge has won 14 of his 20 starts, including last year's Svenskt Travderby.

5 - Cokstile made huge progress under his new Italian trainer Rocco Spagnulo, triumphed in the Gran Premio delle Nazioni last October and impressively won the Algot Scotts Minne (1,640 m) in Åby on May 9. Despite a start from the second row he clearly beat Cyber Lane and Billie De Montfort in 1:09,8. Cokstile took part at the Elitloppet two years ago already, where he was without a chance as an outsider, this will be different this time.

6 - Racing Mange ensured his place in the 2020 Elitloppet not before May 23, when won the Gulddivisionen final at Gävle. There he defeated the strong fillies Conrads Rödluva and Billie De Montfort, run the fastest Swedish time of the year (1:09,7) as well. The seven-year-old colt was beaten below value before in the L.C. Peterson-Broddas Minne and Algot Scotts Minne, where he had to start from bad positions. He had only one week to regenerate ahead of the Elitloppet.

7 - Makethemark was Sweden's best horse in the 2019 Elitloppet and was placed five times in Group 1 races afterwards. The seven-year-old son of Maharajah had an unfavourable season so far, had to start with number 12 in the Rommeheatet, then could not show his potential when was locked in the Copenhagen Cup. Considering that, he may be underestimated in the Elitloppet, even though he has a bad number again.

8 - Propulsion would be the Elitloppet's favourite under normal circumstances, but he has not run since his disappointing performance at the Prix d'Amérique on January 26. Sweden's trotter of the year 2019 will now have to make a 'colt start' and his current form is completely unknown, also the outside starting position is unfavourable. He took part in the Elitloppet four times already, came runner-up 2017 and 2018, also run the European record at the 2017 Hugo Åbergs Memorial (1:08,1).

Fixtures ahead of the 2020 Elitloppet:
  April 25
2.140 m
Åby, SWE
Elian Web
  May 13
Ducs de Normandie
2.450 m
Caen, FRA
Earl Simon
  May 13
Meadow Roads (I)
1.640 m
Solvalla, SWE
  May 13
Meadow Roads (II)
1.640 m
Solvalla, SWE
  May 17
Copenhagen Cup
2.011 m
Charlott. DEN
Heart Of Steel
  May 23
Gulddivisionen, Final
1.609 m
Gävle, SWE
Racing Mange

The Elitloppet is hold with a qualifying and a final heat. All heats are run over a mile on the same day. The eight best placed horses of the two qualifying heats are taking part in the final. Due to the coronavirus outbreak the race will be without spectators this year. Therefore the final was moved to 8:30 pm and will be broadcasted live on Swedish television (TV4).

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