2023 Elitloppet

2023 Elitloppet

May 28, 2023 - Trotting, 1,609 meters, Solvalla, Sweden



Age Time Driver Trainer Quote

1. Hohneck 6 08,9 G. Gelormini Ph. Allaire 7.6

2. San Moteur 6 09,1 B. Goop B. Goop 2.3

3. Go On Boy 7 09,1 R. Derieux R. Derieux 10.1

4. Önas Prince 6 09,2 P. Nordström P. Nordström 15.6

5. Etonnant 9 09,3 A. Barrier R. Westerink 3.2

6. Vivid Wise As 9 09,4 M. Abrivard D. Réden 16.6

7. Stoletheshow 8 09,5 D. Dunn F. Hamre 51.6

8. Hail Mary 7 09,8 A. Svanstedt D. Réden 12.5

1st Heat


Age Time Driver Trainer Quote

1. Etonnant 9 09,6 A. Barrier R. Westerink 9.3

2. Go On Boy 7 09,7 R. Derieux R. Derieux 17.2

3. Önas Prince 6 09,9 P. Nordström P. Nordström 4.8

4. Stoletheshow 8 09,9 D. Dunn F. Hamre 30.5

5. Don Fanucci Zet 7 10,2 Ö. Kihlström D. Réden 1.9

6. Brother Bill 7 11,1 Mag. Djuse T. Nurmos 10.0

7. Vernissage Grif 9 11,2 A. Gocciadoro A. Gocciadoro 7.4

8. Just Believe 8 13,1 G. Sugars J. Tubbs 53.7

2nd Heat


Age Time Driver Trainer Odds

1. San Moteur 6 09,1 B. Goop B. Goop 3.0

2. Hohneck 6 09,2 G. Gelormini Ph. Allaire 3.4

3. Vivid Wise As 9 09,2 M. Abrivard D. Réden 19.7

4. Hail Mary 7 09,5 A. Svanstedt D. Réden 3.3

5. Usain Töll 7 09,7 A. Abrivard V. Ciotola 53.2

6. Ultion Face 7 09,9 A. Kolgjini A. Kolgjini 24.0

7. Best Ofdream Trio 6 13,8 K. Eriksson E. Killingmo 13.3

Mister Hercules 6 disq. S. Raitala D. Réden 14.6

Preview from May 24, 2023

Swedish horses could win the most important trotting race of their country only once in the last six years. Some of their younger talents seem able to win the 'Sprint World Championship of Trotting' this time, though the opposition from France is strong again and even Australia's best trotter has arrived.

1st Heat :

1 - Don Fanucci Zet, trained by Daniel Redén and bred by himself, won the 2021 Elitloppet, but lost his form afterwards and was disqualified in last year's Elitloppet. Remarkable his performance in this year's Prix d'Amérique, where he finished sixth, despite coming from a five-month lay-off. In preparation for the Elitloppet, Don Fanucci Zet took part in the Finlandia Ajo on May 7. As announced, he was driven reserved, ended only fifth. Not unlikely that he will gain the lead in the first heat.

2 - Önas Prince, also a quick starter, won the Sprintermästaren two years ago and made it to last year's Elitloppet final, where he was disqualified. This year, he is still unbeaten, won the Yngve Larssons Memorial on Easter Monday and the Copenhagen Cup on May 14 wire to wire, but did not really face the strongest opposition there. Trainer Per Nordström declared, Önas Prince will run a 1:08 at the 2023 Elitloppet.

3 - Stoletheshow gained his ticket with a victory in the Finlandia-Ajo (1,620 m). Trained by Frode Hamre in Norway, the last year's Oslo Grand Prix winner likes the short distances, still is only outsider the first heat. He will be driven by the ten-time New Zealand champion driver Dexter Dunn. As Stoletheshow can be very fast at the start too, it will be interesting to see, how the fight for the front position will develop.

4 - Etonnant returns to Solvalla as defending champion, he had won the 2022 Elitloppet in spectacular manner. After he had missed the start, he fell into gallop, nevertheless won the final from the fourth lane. The nine-year-old French colt was less lucky at his home country this winter, missed the Prix d'Amérique due to an injury. Fit again, he won the Prix de Cauvicourt, the Prix Kerjacques and the Prix de l’Atlantique. He could not defend his title in the Prix des Ducs de Normandie on May 13, but ran with irons at Caen, will now be barefoot again. For sure, driver Anthony Barrier will not try to get the lead.

5 - Vernissage Grif won the Gran Premio Lotteria in a new record time of 1:09,6, consequently obtained an invitation. Last year, the son of Varenne did not reach the Elitloppet final and has not shown too much in the meantime, but should have chances to make it to the final. Like Vivid Wise As he is trained by Alessandro Gocciadoro in Italy, who will also steer him.

6 - Go On Boy run in the Prix d'Atlantique at Enghien, as Etonnant and Hohneck, where he dashed from the back of the field to a fine second place, subsequently got an invitation to the 2023 Elitloppet. The son of Password, winner of the 2020 Critérium des 4 Ans, is trained by Romain Derieux, who won the 2019 Elitloppet as huge outsider with Dijon.

7 - Just Believe has come all the way from Australia. The eight-year-old is probably the best trotter of his continent, won Australia's most important races last year, the Inter Dominion and the Aldebaran Park Trotters Sprint. However, the bookmakers have him only as total outsider. Two Australian trotters run in the Elitloppet so far, Sundon's Gift 2009 and Maori Time 2018, none of them made it to the final.

8 - Brother Bill got beaten on his seasonal debut - in the Meadow Roads Lopp on May 10 - by Hail Mary with a 'short head', but his time of 1:09,1 was so good, that he was invited to the Elitloppet too. The seven-year-old gelding took part in last year's Elitloppet already, completed the first heat on the last place. From position 8, he might try to get in the back of Etonnant or Vernissage Grif.

2nd Heat :

1 - Best Ofdream Trio will represent Norway at the 2023 Elitloppet. The six-year-old colt came runner-up behind San Moteur in the Prins Carl Philips Jubileumspokal in a time of 1:09,6 last year, then finished fourth over the stayer distance in the Åby Stora Pris. Despite a six-month break he easily won his seasonal debut in Norway on May 13, why he got an invitation to the Elitloppet, where he will be only outsider in a very strong heat.

2 - Ultion Face is among the outsiders too. He came third in the Meadow Roads Lopp behind Hail Mary and Brother Bill, but was stopped in 1:09,1 too, so was invited to the Elitloppet as well. Ultion Face is a quick starter, will face several other fast starting horses here, why it is difficult to predict, how the order will be in the second heat.

3 - Mister Hercules benefited from Usain Töll's disqualification in the Prins Daniels Lopp in Gävle, gained the last ticket for the Elitloppet on May 20. Though the son of Trixton did not make it to the line several times, he won half of his last sixteen starts, but not a single group race. Santtu Raitala, the best driver in Finland, will try to navigate him under the first four.

4 - Hail Mary, like Don Fanucci Zet and Mister Hercules trained by Daniel Redén, came runner-up in last year's Elitloppet and obviously is among the top favourites again. The winner of the 2020 Svenskt Travderby did not start for more than six months until he successfully returned in the Onions Lopp on April 19. On May 10 he then also won the Meadow Roads Lopp at Solvalla with a new Swedish seasonal best time (1:09,1, 1,640 m), displayed that he is well ready for the Elitloppet.

5 - Hohneck is a very strong guest from France. Trainer Philippe Allaire aimed this race already last year, as his charge had been very successful over the sprinting distance in France. Hohneck came fifth in the Prix d'Amérique in January, then ended third in the Prix de France and Prix d'Atlantique. Most recently he displayed rising form, won the Prix des Ducs de Normandie ahead of Etonnant.

6 - San Moteur was the first horse that got an invitation to the 2023 Elitloppet. The six-year-old, who is cautiously committed by his trainer and driver Björn Goop, won seventeen of his twenty-two starts. At the beginning of last year, he ran a new track record over the mile at Färjestad, then in August, set a new world record for five-year-olds on 1000-meter-tracks, when won the Jubileumspokalen in 1:09,7. Subsequently, San Moteur stayed off the track for eight months, displayed his class by easily winning the Paralympiatravet on May 6.

7 - Vivid Wise As takes part in the Elitloppet for the fourth time. He came fourth in last year's final and runner-up one year before. Without doubt, the nine-year-old is one of the world's best sprinters. He confirmed that this year by winning the Grand Critérium de Vitesse and the Gran Premio Costa Azzurra, before he had been runner-up in the Prix de France. On May 1, in the final of the Gran Premio Lotteria at Naples, he had a very difficult run in the third lane, was not outdriven by Matthieu Abrivard. The Italian might be underestimated in the betting market.

8 - Usain Töll, running for Italy too, though he was born in Sweden, came runner-up behind Etonnant in the Prix Kerjacques in April. He tried to gain the last Elitloppet ticket in the Prins Daniels Lopp, entered the home stretch in the lead, then fell in gallop and got disqualified, still was invited to the Elitloppet. Like Mister Hercules he has only one week to regenerate and a difficult position on the outside.

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Fixtures ahead of the 2023 Elitloppet:
March 12
Critérium de Vitesse
1.609 m
Cagnes, FRA
Vivid Wise As
April 8
Prix Kerjacques
2.700 m
Paris, FRA
April 10
GP Costa Azzurra
1.600 m
Turin, ITA
Vivid Wise As
April 22
Prix de l'Atlantique
2.150 m
Enghien, FRA
May 1
Gran Premio Lotteria
1.600 m
Neapel, ITA
Vernissage Grif
May 6
2.140 m
Åby, SWE
San Moteur
May 7
Finlandia Ajo
1.620 m
Vermo, FIN
May 10
Meadow Roads
1.640 m
Solvalla, SWE
Hail Mary
May 13
Ducs de Normandie
2.450 m
Caen, FRA
May 14
Copenhagen Cup
2.011 m
Ch'lund, DEN
Önas Prince
May 20
Prins Daniels Lopp
1.609 m
Gävle, SWE
Mister Hercules

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