Prix d'Amerique 2022

2022 Prix d'Amérique

January 30, 2022 - Trotting, 2,700 meters, Paris-Vincennes


Age Time Driver Trainer Odds

1. Davidson Du Pont 9 11'3 N. Bazire N. Bazire 5,1

2. Galius 6 11'3 Y. Lebourgeois S. Raimond 14,0

3. Flamme Du Goutier 7 11'5 T. Duvaldestin T. Duvaldestin 16,0

4. Vivid Wise As 8 11'5 A. Abrivard A. Gocciadoro 24,0

5. Hohneck 5 11'6 F. Lagadeuc P. Allaire 5,2

6. Chica De Joudes 10 11'6 A. Laurent A. Laurent 128,0

7. Diable De Vauvert 9 11'7 T. Le Beller B. Le Beller 47,0

8. Etonnant 8 11'7 A. Barrier R. Westerink 4,1

9. Cokstile 9 11'8 G. Gelormini H. Bondo 18,0

10. Feydeau Seven 7 11'8 J.-M. Bazire J.-M. Bazire 9,4

11. Vitruvio 8 11'9 A. Gocciadoro A. Gocciadoro 120,0

12. Délia Du Pommereux 9 12'1 D. Thomain S. Roger 43,0

13. Bahia Quesnot 11 12'2 J. Guelpa J. Guelpa 102,0

14. Billie De Montfort 11 12'3 P. Verva S. Guarato 108,0

15. Power 6 14'0 R. Bergh R. Bergh 31,0

Rebella Matters 7 disq. C. Martens J.-M. Bazire 40,0

Gu d'Héripré 6 disq. F. Nivard F. Souloy 19,0

Zacon Gio 7 disq. B. Goop J.-M. Bazire 30,0

Preview: January 27, 2022

Due to an injury, titleholder Face Time Bourbon was withdrawn from the world's most important trotting race, he would have been the clear favourite. Without him, the Prix d'Amérique is now a totally open and very exciting race.

Etonnant is the new 2022 Prix d'Amérique favourite. In November, he was runner-up to Face Time Bourbon in the Prix de Bretagne, then beat him three weeks later in the Prix de Bourgogne. It must be said, he had a perfect race in the bag of Face Time Bourbon, and he will not get it again in the Amérique, still the eight-year-old has proved his high quality. The Richard Westerink trained son of Timoko seems to get better with age, last year already won the Prix de Paris (4,150 m) and the Prix des Ducs de Normandie with a new race record.

Davidson Du Pont came runner-up in the Prix d'Amérique the last two times, so will obviously be a red-hot candidate, now where his conqueror does not take part. Meanwhile, he is not trained and driven by Jean-Michel Bazire any more but by his son Nicolas Bazire, who could win only two of his sixteen runs. Still, the nine-year-old colt seems to have found back to form right in time, at least left this impression in the Prix de Belgique on January 16. He would have easily won that last 'B-race', if his driver would not have urged him so heavily, that he broke into gallop. Will he act more reserved in the Amérique, Davidson Du Pont should be in the mix again.

Gu d'Héripré won the 2020 Critérium Continental, the most important race for four-year-olds, and then finished third in the 2021 Prix d'Amérique, which will obviously make him a hot candidate this year again. Unfortunately, he got injured with a fetlock fracture in April and could not run the rest of the year. On his comeback, he finished fifth in the Prix de Bourgogne and looked well two weeks later in the Prix de Belgique too, before he made a mistake. With these two races in his legs, there should be more to come in the Amérique.

Feydeau Seven has not really been a part of the trotting Champions League in the recent years, but indicated his rising form by winning the Prix de Lille in early January. Outstanding then his triumph in the Prix de Belgique. Indeed, the seven-year-old benefited from the mistake of his stablemate Davidson Du Pont, still his victory was so clear, that he might be able to make some impact in the Prix d'Amérique. Feydeau Seven is bred by Jean-Michel Bazire, who will be in his Sulky. 'JBM' won the Amérique four times as driver and twice as trainer.

Hohneck is the youngest starter in the 2022 Prix d'Amérique. The five-year-old gained his ticket by winning the Critérium Continental on the day after Christmas, beat the best horses of his age class from France and Italy there. The Philippe Allaire trained son of Royal Dream, who won half of his 28 runs, confirmed his strong form by winning the Prix de Croix on January 15. He will now compete against the best older horses for the first time, still his driver François Lagadeuc believes he can make it under the top five.

Delia Du Pommereux finished seven length behind Face Time Bourbon in last year's Prix d'Amérique, but beat him two weeks later in the Prix de France (2,100 m). Afterwards the nine-year-old mare, who is trained by Sylvain Roger, won the Paralympiatravet at Åby, and then said goodbye to a five-month break. Since she returned in October, she managed only disappointing results at the Paris Winter Meeting, had never really been encouraged by driver David Thomain though, why we might see the best of her not until the Amérique.

Zacon Gio beat Face Time Bourbon already twice. The first time he defeated him at the age of four at the Premio Unione Europea in Modena (2,050 m), then one year later in the Gran Premio de Lotteria at Naples (1,600 m). Despite this glory, the Italian did not travel to Paris for a long time, probably because he cannot enjoy the tight turns there. However, his owner Giuseppe Franco decided to run him in France, therefore moved the quick starting colt to the stable of Jean-Michel Bazire. This winter he took part in all four 'B-races' at Paris-Vincennes but never convinced.

Flamme Du Goutier won two group 1 races within eight days last year, defeated Etonnant in the Prix de l'Ile-de-France. After an eight-month break the daughter of Ready Cash has now found back to form. She came forth in the Prix de Bourgogne and won the world's most important Monte race, the Prix de Cornulier, last Sunday. If she can quickly get over this tough race, she might have a say in the Amérique too.

Cokstile surprised by winning the Prix de Bourgogne (2,100 m) as 27 to 1 outsider, benefited from the disqualification of several favourites though. The former Norskt Travderby winner, who is meanwhile in Italian ownership, had actually won the 2020 Elitloppet and obviously loves the shorter distances, but might get problems with the 2,700 meters in the Amérique.

Vivid Wise As, just been beaten by Cokestile in the Prix de Bourgogne, is another very strong sprinter. Like Face Time Bourbon he is owned by the Italian Antonio Somma, was runner-up in the 2021 Elitloppet and won the Premio Delle Nazioni at Milan. He is not the very best over the longer distances too, had no say in the Prix d'Amérique the last two years.

Rebella Matters qualified in the Prix du Bourbonnais, where she was faster on the last 500 meters than Face Time Bourbon. The seven-year-old Norwegian repeated this place in the Prix de Belgique and underlined, she will not be easy prey on her first Prix d'Amérique attendance.

Diable De Vauvert demonstrated impressive finishing speed in the Prix de Belgique and gained his Amérique ticket as runner-up. There he will be amongst the outsiders again, although he finished sixth in the big race last year. According to trainer Bertrand le Beller his first aim is the Prix de Paris.

Galius made the most of Ampia Mede SM's mistake in the Prix Ténor de Baune and ensured an Amérique card with a clear victory. The Sévérine Raymond charge had won the first twelve races of his career, but got beaten twice by Ampia Mede SM most recently.

Power is, like last year, the only horse from Sweden in the Prix d'Amérique. The son of Googoo Gaagaa-Sohn finished eighteens last year and will be outsider this year again, even though his trainer Robert Bergh believes, he would have a chance. Power gave a good performance in the Prix Tenor De Baune, still was clearly beaten by Galius.

Billie De Montfort is something like an inventory of the Prix d'Amérique, she will take part for the fifth time, even though she was never better than eighth. As she is eleven years of age, it will be her last participation. Despite her great age, she surprised as 100 to 1 outsider on the third place in the Prix de Bourgogne, would have been qualified due to her massive earnings of far more than two million Euro anyway.

Fixtures - 2021/22 Paris Winter Meeting:
Prix de Bretagne
2.700 m
Face Time Bourbon
Prix du Bourbonnais
2.850 m
Critérium Continental
2.100 m
Prix Ténor de Baune
2.700 m
Prix de Bourgogne
2.100 m
Prix de Belgique
2.850 m
Feydeau Seven
Prix d'Amérique
2.750 m
Davidson Du Pont

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